- Alarm systems -

Alarm systems, also known as Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or colloquially alarms, are used to protect against burglary. A typical alarm system consists of an alarm control panel, keypads, reed switches, motion detectors, and sirens. Additionally, an alarm system may include glass breakage detector, water flood detector, LPG gas, carbon monoxide, and smoke detectors. Violation of any of the sensors raises the alarm. The alarm system can be equipped with a mobile application or GSM module and notifies the owner about every event. The system can also be extended with a panic button in the form of a remote control or a hidden emergency button that allows calling security.

Alarm systems are produced in two types: wired or wireless. Mixed solutions are also used and consist of a wired system to which wireless modules and detectors are installed. To make the wired system work properly, all its elements must be connected with cables, which involves the necessity of cabling all protected rooms in the building. It is best to install the system and cables when a new building is being built or when a major renovation is planned.

For those users who cannot route cables in a protected room, a wireless version is available. However, a wireless system is much more expensive and problems with interference in radio transmission may occur. Also, you need to replace the batteries in motion sensors within a specified time frame.

It is worth to supplement the alarm system with mechanical protection such as a safe anchored to the wall or floor, in which valuable items and money will be stored. The safe can additionally be connected to the alarm system using a magnetic sensor, such as a reed switch.

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