- CCTV -

Closed Circuit Television also called CCTV or video monitoring is used to observe a specific area using cameras connected to image recorders and monitors. Nowadays, it is possible to view the current image from cameras using the application on a mobile device or computer via the Internet from all over the world. Video monitoring has become one of the most popular forms of security. Every day, industrial cameras are gaining more and more followers, mainly due to low prices and high quality. CCTV systems are being used for observing streets, parks, public buildings, housing estates, hotels, shopping facilities, production halls, parking lots, offices, private properties, etc. Newer devices appear on our market every week, which may cause a lot of problems for clients to choose the right equipment for their needs.

If you want to install a camera system in your company, home or housing estate, please contact us. We will select the right equipment, install, assemble and configure it to your needs.

We offer monitoring equipment of such brands as HIKVISION, DAHUA, GE, BCS, WD, and Seagate.