- Fire alarm system -

A fire can have various causes. We are not able to prevent every one of them, but we can protect ourselves against the consequences of fire by investing in appropriate equipment. Depending on the facility and its purpose, autonomous fire alarm systems are installed, e.g. in larger facilities. For smaller facilities or houses alarm systems include smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors.

The autonomous fire alarm system consists of:

  • fire alarm control panel,
  • fire detectors,
  • fire alarm switches or buttons, sirens.

The entire fire alarm system is based on fire detectors, which are located in appropriate places in the monitored building. When fire arises, the detector signal is transmitted to the control panel, which immediately alerts you about the threat and informs the relevant services. Modern systems can automatically notify the nearest Fire Brigade department and control devices in the building, e.g. fire doors, smoke removal systems, fire sprinkler systems or warning sound systems.