What we offer

Consulting and designing

We advise on the selection of technologies and devices that meet the needs and expectations of customers, within their budget. We prepare executive and as-built projects.

Installation, assembly, configuration and implementation of the system

We provide cabling, assembly and configuration services in the teletechnical and security industries. After the assembly is completed, we start the system and train users on how to use it.

Sale and delivery of equipment

We supply cables equipment and accessories from the security and telecommunications industries for individual clients, installers, companies, institutions, investors and general contractors.

Warranty and post-warranty service

We offer a warranty period for our installations during which we remove reported defects and failures. We also provide a post-warranty service for security systems.

Cooperation with installers

We work with installers from the teletechnical and security industries. As part of the cooperation, we offer the sale and delivery of equipment, instructional training, and joint-project implementation.