- Intercoms & video intercoms -

The intercom enables communication between a person at the entrance to a property and people inside. This device blocks uninvited guests from entering the property. It consists of a gate cassette mounted at the entrance and a uniphone in the building, through which the gate or door to the property is opened.

There are many different devices on the market. Entry phones are divided into analog, digital, a combination of these two types, and video intercoms.

An analog intercom works best in a single-family home, where there is usually no need to install more uniphones than one or two. To install such an intercom, you need a cable with 4 to 6 wires.

On the other hand, digital intercom is an ideal solution for multi-family homes. They are based on microprocessor technology, have more functions and wider application possibilities. Installation is also simpler because they work on a 2-wire cable.

A video intercom is equipped with a camera, an uniphone and a built-in monitor. The user can not only communicate but also see the person at the entrance. Some monitors are additionally equipped with memory slot, thanks to which they store photos and videos of people calling through the intercom. There are also models equipped with additional modules or applications that redirect the call to the mobile phone when the user is not inside the building.

Mounting an intercom or video intercom integrated with the letterbox, address and house number on the property’s fencing is becoming increasingly popular.

If you are looking for an intercom or video intercom for a company, a single-family house or a block, we will help you with the selection and installation. Contact us. we offer brands such as ACO, FERMAX, ELFON, Kenwei, Lanz, VIDOS, DAHUA, 2N, BCS.