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We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of teletechnical and security systems for companies, institutions and individual clients. We offer technical support at every stage of the investment - from consulting and design, through the sale of devices, installation and implementation of the system, to the service of devices and installations.

Consulting and design

We advise on the selection of technologies and devices meeting the needs and expectations of customers and within the budget they set. We develop executive and as-built projects.

Installation and start-up of the system

We provide cabling, assembly and system configuration services in the teletechnical and security industries. After the assembly is completed, we start the system and train its users.

Sale and delivery of devices

We sell and supply cables, devices and accessories from the security and teletechnical industry to individual clients, installers, companies, institutions, investors and general contractors.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Our installations are covered by the warranty period during which we remove reported defects and failures. We also provide post-warranty service of security systems.

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Teletechnics and security

Comprehensive solutions

Technical support at every stage of the investment

For individual clients

  • - okablowanie montaż urządzeń, uruchomienie systemu
  • - dostawa i sprzedaż urządzeń,
  • - doradztwo w zakresie doboru systemów bezpieczeństwa (system alarmowy z elementami przeciwpożarowymi, system domofonowy / wideodomofonowy, system monitoringu)
  • - doradztwo w zakresie rozmieszczenia urządzeń
  • - szkolenie z obsługi dla użytkowników
  • - obsługa gwarancyjna
  • - obsługa pogwarancyjna

Dla klientów instytucjonalnych

  • - wykonywanie systemów według własnych lub dostarczonych projektów przez Zleceniodawcę
  • - doradztwo w zakresie doboru systemów bezpieczeństwa (okablowanie strukturalne, systemy przeciwpożarowe, systemy monitoringu, systemy alarmowe, systemy kontroli dostępu, systemy domofonowe/wideodomofonowe, systemy przyzywowe, systemy nagłośnienia, systemy RTV.
  • - wykonanie okablowania montaż urządzeń, uruchomienie systemu
  • - szkolenie z obsługi dla użytkowników
  • - obsługa gwarancyjna
  • - obsługa pogwarancyjna
  • - okresowe przeglądy serwisowe
Teletechnics and security

Comprehensive solutions

Technical support at every stage of the investment

Take care of you and your family safety

For individual clients

Wiring and assembly of devices, starting the system
Supply and sale of devices,
Advice on the selection of security systems (alarm system with fire protection elements, intercom / video intercom system, monitoring system)
Advice on the arrangement of devices
User training
Warranty and post-warranty service

Protect your business

Dla klientów instytucjonalnych i przedsiębiorstw

Implementation of systems according to own or provided projects by the Principal
Advice on the selection of security systems (structural cabling, fire protection systems, monitoring systems, alarm systems, access control systems, intercom / video intercom systems, call systems, public address systems, RT systems
Execution of wiring, installation of devices, system commissioning
User training
Warranty and post-warranty service
Periodic service inspections

Protection of life and property 24/7

Our clients

Our clients are small, medium and large enterprises. We provide services for companies in the industry, including automotive, pharmaceutical, commercial, banking, railway, IT. We take part in comprehensive construction and renovation projects supervised by General Contractors or we implement them directly.

We provide services to the police, the army, local and state offices, schools and health care units, as well as institutions related to sports infrastructure. We have all the permits required by law, including the MSWiA license, and our employees have the appropriate licenses.

Our clients include natural persons whom we help to secure their real estate. We install alarm systems, camera systems, intercoms and video intercoms as well as computer networks in single-family and multi-family houses, flats, summer houses.

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We will help you adjust security systems to your needs.

The company consists of a team of engineers, installers and traders who have been operating in the security industry for many years and have comprehensive knowledge in this field. Our specialists are trained on an ongoing basis and assemble modern solutions from the range of services we propose. We work with people and for people, and we are able to offer our clients the most comprehensive and technically and economically tailored offer.

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